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What is Complete SEO Package?


What is Complete SEO Package?

Are you looking for a complete SEO package? You couldn’t have been at a better place as in internet marketing business; there is not a single niche, which may have similar SEO requirements. Each business, big, small or medium, have their specific needs and goals with different and exclusive requirements for optimization and internet marketing and knowledge about this field, which will take their business to new heights. An ongoing (monthly) SEO campaign is required in each of your website marketing strategy that will ensure you to reach your goals and increase your ROI on an ongoing basis.

Why is SEO Package important?

It’s no secret that video can be an incredible tool for your marketing because you can easily convey your messages. Video has 300% retention rate than pictures because people hear and see your message at the same time. Video Creation and marketing is very effective in capturing and engaging the targeted audience for a huge span of time on your website, and the response and the retention rates for such customers is very higher than other forms of promotion. 

Why Hire Us?

If you want your website perform at a superior level at all major search engines, we has designed complete cheapest SEO packages that will surely give you the results that you need. Our SEO packages are very flexible that it can cater even those who just need a jumpstart up to the professionals who desire for a whole new level. The time frame range from 4 weeks to 6 months continuous SEO. But please note SEO is not a onetime exercise, this should be an ongoing process. So, aside from the below packages we also have monthly SEO to bolt on for any of the below packages.

> Our On Page SEO includes the following

> Optimization of title tags, meta tags, alt tags and header tags (H1, H2 etc)

> Optimization of textual content of your home page and key inner pages with keyword placement within content

Robots.txt file creation and installation

> Sitemap generation and submission of sitemap to Google and Yahoo

> Keyword analysis and research

> All submissions/postings are done by experienced editors (manually by hand) there is no automation involved

Our SEO packages are designed with such precision which will guarantee to get your website performing for your long as well as short tail of keywords across all the major search engines, with main focus on Google. All of the following packages cover on page as well as off page promotion fir your site ensuring long term success and growth.

Our Customized Packages

We will take care of this task for you at a very affordable rate. Below is our set of rates:

Package 1- $499 Basic

This is ideal for those who need an seo kickstart and want to get their site featured in the search engines.

Directory 500,  Social Bookmarks 50, Natural Theme Based Link 10,Guaranteed Directory Links 10, Turnaround Time 1 month

Package 2- $999 Starter

This is best suited to those who are actively seeking better search results for their website.

Directory 1000, Social Bookmarks 75, Natural Theme Based Link 20, Guaranteed Directory Links 250, Turnaround Time 2 months

Package 3- $1499 Intermediate

This is for those who are targeting less competitive search phrases but are serious about first page results.

Directory 2000, Social Bookmarks 100, Natural Theme Based Link 30, Guaranteed Directory Links 500, Turnaround Time 3 months

Package 4- $1999 Advanced

This is is designed to establish a first page presence even for competitive search terms.

Directory 4000, Social Bookmarks 125, Natural Theme Based Link 40, Guaranteed Directory Links 800, Turnaround Time 4 months

Package 5- $2999 Enterprise

This is for those chasing tougher keywords who are serious about high end first page results.

Directory 6000, Social Bookmarks 500, Natural Theme Based Link 50, Guaranteed Directory Links 1200, Turnaround Time 5 months

Package 6- $4999 Professional

This will take your website to the next level and is designed for high end first page results even for very competitive keywords.

Directory 8000, Social Bookmarks 1000, Natural Theme Based Link 100, Guaranteed Directory Links 1500, Turnaround Time 6 months

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