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Parkour Jitsu

Shorinjitu (KungFu-JuJutsu) is:
Ju Jutsu with a Taste of Kung Fu and a Touch of Kyusho

Liikan Jitsu is:
-From KungFu & JuJutsu to Liikan Jitsu & Kyusho (Shorinjitsu)
-From Break-Falling to Break-Dancing & Parkour (Mobility & Fitness)
-From Chi Kung to NLP, sports & applied psychology (Mind )
-From Self-defense to security & risk management (Practical Application)

All integrated into a more natural and flowing style of self-defence, with:

– Effective and realistic training in a modern style and school for modern day society.
– Expert and qualified instruction since 1982: IPTE, M.Sc., CPO, NLPMP, V/JV/, 3.dan black belt

Not a combat sport nor a common quick-fix, half-baked partial art, but, a true Martial Art in keeping with real-life, yet, remaining consistent with traditional martial ways of war moderated by modern pedagogy.

It’s all in the name: Liikan Jitsu

Open Days & Starter Courses:
– Liikan Jitsu: September and January each year
– Kyusho: sessions once per month

Come along anytime and join in the regular training with us, the Liikan Jitsu Club (+Espoo) ry, by simply registering for the training event on our pages at:

From Jiu Jitsu & Kung Fu to Liikan Jitsu and Kyusho,
Effective & Realistic training in a modern style & school for modern day society.

For more info:
Find us on Facebook or visit out websites at:
– Personal Security Academy:
– Liikan Jutsu:

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