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Paragliding Talk | Episode #27 | Max Marien | Acro Pilot Record Holder


Paragliding Talk | Episode #27 | Max Marien | Acro Pilot Record Holder

This will be the second time that Max Marien joins us for the show. He has a list of achievements a mile long. Max has been in the game for 17 years. He at one point held the world record for infinite tumble. It will be great fun to have him on the show again.

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Communicator, Fan, Golf Junky, Chihuahua Lover, Dishwater . I want to see your peacock.



  1. Andrew Everts

    June 15, 2018 at 3:48 am

    Great show guys! Stay safe up there!

  2. Colorado Mike

    June 15, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    Hey Robert, Great show. Always entertaining. Been a subscriber from the beginning. I'm a new P2 50ish flights. I'd be really willing to get on the patreon train, if some of the shows were a little more structured and informative/ stayed on topic..Don't get me wrong they're great, fun, and I learn a lot, but how about some info on gear..not necessarily pimping different brands, but like what does one really need/ prefer in a vario or Gps.. or in a harness, or even the subtle differences in wings everyone's tried. Or more on weather and pre-flight forecasting is always good.. Safety and actual flying technique is always good too.
    Love that you are trying to cover it all. Keep it up and I'll chip in once I get this new wing paid for. Thanks for this show and resource! Rock on!

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